Character Quotes from It Takes a Thief by Dellani

Cereal Authors

it-takes-a-thief-cover“Just how much money do you have, kid?” Tim Stuart asked. He was probably ten years or so older than Jason.

“Do you want the real answer or the one I give the IRS?”

“You pay taxes?”

“I’m in investments as a side business. It gives me an air of legitimacy and something to fall back on in my dotage. You have to realize that a chap in my profession, if he starts young, has maybe twenty good years. That’s if he’s lucky and doesn’t get caught. In any case, a man needs a retirement fund. I can’t exactly file for Social Security, can I?”

“I suppose not,” Tim answered.

“My investment business brings in a modest income. Around five million a quarter.”

The men choked on their coffee.

“That’s what you clear?” Greg Kisler gasped.

“Yeah, well, thereabouts.”

“Why steal things then?”

Jason leaned forward as if he were…

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