Character Quotes from The Big Sleep by Dellani

Cereal Authors

character-quotes-image“That Amber person called six times. That doesn’t include the times she called and it went to voice mail. She’s really pissed at you. What’d you do?”

“I swear, I don’t know the woman.”

“She seems pretty determined that you do. She says she spent Saturday night with you, until you left without a word around four in the morning. You didn’t even respond when she tried to stop you.”

Roger frowned. “Honestly, Carol, even drunk I’d know if I had great sex all night.”

“Just how much were you drinking, baby?”

“I wasn’t out Saturday. I’d remember something like that, wouldn’t I?”

“I sure hope so. I’d hate to think we had great sex and you forgot.”

He stared at her, aghast. “We didn’t? Oh, my God, Carol!”

Giggling, she pushed him toward his desk. “No, we didn’t. Not that it wouldn’t be nice. You’re all kinds of hot…

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