Notable Narrative from Ryder Bradley

This story hasn’t got a proper title yet. Still kicking ideas around, so it’s just listed under the main character’s name.

Ryder Bradley is a DJ for weddings receptions, parties, the occasional Bat Mitzvah. Single and not loving it, he never uses his job to enhance his love life, until he meets Cerise Lafayette. She makes his head spin like a record. Unable to stop himself, he asks her out and is delighted when she says yes.

Lunch was fantastic. Not only was the food good, best damn fish and chips in town, but the company was amazing. Cerise was the best conversationalist I’ve ever met. She kept up with my, sometimes abrupt, subject changes, asked questions and answered mine with skill. Her wide range of interests meshed with mine as well. I could feel myself falling in total, fully immersed like with her. I can’t say love, I’ve known the woman less than a day. The lust component was there too. That’s a given when there’s a pretty woman, with a knockout figure involved. The fact she had a quick mind and a great sense of humor added to the like and lust to a great degree. In short, the perfect woman for me.

We headed back to her place at 2:00 so she could get ready for tea with her step-mother, the Gorgon, at 3:00. I walked her up to her door, desperately wanting to kiss her, but wasn’t entirely sure she’d go for that. Instead, I stood close to the bottom step. She hovered on the next one up, smiling at me. Her dark eyes held secrets, all of which I wanted to unlock. She smiled, shifting slightly, and I knew she wanted the kiss I so desperately wanted to give her. Tipping forward ever so slightly, I put my hands on her waist, circling it, pulling her to me. We were of a height with her on the stair, putting her mouth even with mine. Smiling, I eased nearer, letting her close the gap. She did so with a half-step more. With a slight tilt of my head, I brushed her lips with mine. She tasted like hard cider and soft woman.

Opening her lips a fraction, she swept her tongue across my lower lip. I took that as an invitation to deepen the kiss, which I did—ever so softly, probing her mouth with quick flickers of my tongue. God, she tasted amazing! I couldn’t get enough of her. She seemed to feel the same way, because her arms locked around my neck and she pressed her gorgeous body to mine. She didn’t seem distressed, or the least bit surprised, the find she’d unlocked the He-Beast in my pants. Not that I was going to ravage the girl on her front steps. But he’d popped up to say howdy and she didn’t seem to mind, leaving me hopeful that at some point, we’d be ravaging one another.

Something buzzed in my pants. Knowing it wasn’t my dick, I tried to ignore it. It stopped after a few moments, then it started again and I realized it was my phone. Frustrated, I disengaged from the most luscious lips I’ve ever tasted, and dug into my pocket. This time, whoever it was must have left a message. I didn’t see the number, but the little message icon popped up. I swept the phone to see who had called. Taking another step back, happy dance over, I stared at the phone in disbelief.

What’s wrong, Ryder? You look sick.” Cerise’s hand pressed against my brow.

Nothing. It’s okay. Sorry.” I forced a smile. “I’d better let you get ready for tea.”

She grabbed my hand before I could duck and run. “Thank you for lunch. I had a great time—and I enjoyed the kisses. I hope we can do that again… soon.”

I’d like that,” I said. Taking a deep breath. “I’d like that a lot.”

© 2016 Dellani Oakes

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