Character Quote from Analysis of Love by Dellani

Cereal Authors

character-quotes-imageThe band opened with one of their top hits, Schizofrantic, which was a favorite of Quaid and Boyd’s. It was Faydra’s turn to do the jaw drop and stare—followed by a blush. Putting her hands over her face, she sat there, shaking. Thinking she was crying, Quaid laid a hand on her arm. Her hands dropped and he saw she was laughing.

Oh, dear Lord, I’m so embarrassed. Here he said his name and the band name, and it didn’t register at all. I’ve heard that song a hundred times! Never put it together.”

Cullen spotted her and pointed, nodding. “You know me now, right?” he said over the instrumental bridge.

Faydra blew him a kiss. Cullen did a sexy dance while the guitar wailed, following the syncopated rhythm of the bass guitar. It was absolutely captivating for both Faydra and Petra. Boyd and Quaid couldn’t help being…

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