Character Quotes from Undercover Lover by Dellani

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“Honey, your phone’s ringing.” Blair pointed to Saige’s room. “I’m amazed it’s working. Damn thing fell apart.” “That happens when you throw it, dear,” her mother teased. “Tada!” She opened her bedroom door. © 2017 Dellani Oakes To Buy Dellani’s Books For More About Dellani


Character Quotes from A Novel Romance by Dellani

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“You read Korean?” “Korean, Greek, Latin, Russian, Japanese, German, Chinese, Ancient Macedonian…. A few others.” He waved it away as unimportant. “I speak them too, but not many Ancient Macedonians kicking around to practice with.” Arista giggled. She couldn’t believe he’d actually made a joke. Lionel smiled. © 2017 Dellani…